1.Training introduction
    Since1987, FiberHome Technologies Collegeprovided a broad portfolio of high quality training products and services, forall categories of staff from network operations and maintenance to networkmanagement.

    The college has a professionalexpert team with expertise in training, with overall technical force of morethan 150professional training instructors, of which over 80% with master'sdegrees or higher, are working as full-time instructors in FiberHome College. Ourinstructors are regularly certified and possess a blend of practical field experience, up-to-date knowledgeand excellent teaching skills. We have a team of designers who specialize in instructional design, professional training and standards of asystematic course development process. They are to ensure thatthe qualityoflearningexperiences, materialsand client’s requirement. In addition, we also have part-time subjec matter experts and consultants ofFiberHome. We can customize and optimize the courses.ries ofstaff from network operations and maintenance to networkmanagement.

    As the proper training departmentof FiberHome, the FiberHome Technologies College possesses comprehensive reading materials on the equipment and related technologies. We havea wide range ofFiberHome's telecommunications productstraining which is cateredfor our customers. FiberHome Technologies College also has technicalstandard center, ensuring technical information updated and accurate.

    FiberHome Technologies College hasits own laboratory and related experimental facilities which can combine theory and practice as toprovide a superb training environment. FiberHome Technologies College is fully equipped to support alltypes of classroom training including lecture, multimediatraining,computer-based training,troubleshooting simulation and analysis, and hands-onexercises with equipment. We furnished classrooms and labs with latest test gearsand FiberHome products. We can provide the most advanced hands-on,instructor-led training by utilizing live network labs to at least 500 traineessimultaneously.All of our training programs and training courses are builtupon standards of excellence and totalclient satisfaction. These instructors,technology information source, facilities and services, create practical,useful, job-relevant learning experiences and materials that return you to thejob with solutions to improve your job performances and abilities.

    Since established, the FiberHome TechnologiesCollege has alreadytrained more than 20,000 students, talents for theoptical-communication industryof China.                                                        

    Travel guide of wuhan and xi’an

    Customersautograph album

    Recreationalarea of the training center

    Recreationalarea of the headquarter

    Visitingthe company

    Setting-upexercises during the break

    2.FiberHome HQtraning base

    There are 7 classroom in FiberHome headquarters, and we speciallyprovide 24 Integrated network laboratory for customer , in order to provide thesimulation of the real network, improve training pertinence and practicality



    Lake view Gardentraining base

    In order to bring customers great training experience, FiberHome set upLake view Garden training base ,which including training, accommodation,catering, entertainment. Training base provides all kinds of the lecture halland well-equipped facilities. The Training base can accommodate 200 people atthe same time , can set up allkinds of big small or medium-sized training andmeeting. There are VIP Reception Rooms, which can use for Reception of domesticand international guests.

    The  environment of the training center

    The classroom of the training center

    The environment of the hotel

    The environment of the accommodation

    XUPT trainingbase

    XUPT training base is the first domestic branchtraining base for FiberHome.XUPT is co-designed and implemented by the People’s Government of ShaanxiProvince and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.The Universityis located in Xi’an, a historic city in Northwest China, famous for itsmagnificent ancient culture. FiberHome cooperate with XUPT to provide highquality training services.





    3.Considering the various project demands,FiberHome developed a three-level training system, composed of factorytraining, local training, on-job training.

    Factory Training (Type A Training) is conducted at manufacturer’s premises, characterized by a systematic approachand comprehensive learning. The trainees shall master the subjects covered inthe training program, and also accumulate hands-on experience which couldincrease their competency level as well.

    Local Training (Type B Training) refers to the training courses conducted in client’s appointed premise (largeclass size of 30). Such training courses with system equipment, operation andmaintenance knowledge included,aim at providing the trainees with the mostpertinent information about integrated system of current project.

    On-job Training (Type C Training)is conducted during project implementation, including, installation, testingand commissioning, operation and maintenance activities. The content is mainlyregarding techniques of operation and maintenance on proposed equipments, testgears. System, commissioning and troubleshooting. Trainees shall be able toidentify system components to card level and describe their relevant functions.Trainees shall beable to master the system configuration and networkmanagement software, interpret system alarms and replace faulty card module.

    4.Innovationis an important factor in the development of era, because of the innovation ournation can progress. Whether it is for a large company or a department,development cannot come true without innovation.

    Trainingdepartment also is in constant reform and innovation, in the process of thedevelopment of the training department, every employee gives ideas, its purposeis to enrich the training content, ensure and improve customer satisfaction. Inthe process, the one we do is to make customers autograph album.

    Training,in the eyes of most people is to do technical training for customers, allowcustomers to learn the corresponding technical knowledge which can be used inthe usual practice. It is indeed operators purpose to send his staff here for training,it is also the most important part of the training process, but it is not allfor training department.

    As acase, customer training for a week or  two weeks, how to let the customer in this twoweeks  to learn the correspondingtechnical knowledge, advertise the fiberhome culture, embody the training spiritand improve customer satisfaction, this is the content of the trainingdepartment need to think about. To achieve this goal, one of the project thetraining department to do is making autograph album, we will embark on thememory books written language and capuchin language, advertise thefiberhome  spiritual culture, let thecustomer understandthe spirit of the enterprise. during the class,the teacher in charge will use the camera records the customer during the process of training, with bothlisten to the teacher attentively in class and  discuss academic with the  teacher, communicate  work experience or living  feeling, all recorded under our cameras.For thecustomer, this is a memorable experience and can make the training more clear whenthey recall of it. For training department, it is a very good way to increasecustomer satisfaction and to promote the training of marketingapproach.

    Makeautograph album for customer is a very meaningful thing no matter to trainingdepartment or customer. We will continue the  optimization program   and wewill provide a platform for better training to our customers.