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    FiberHome Holds Largest Share in China Telecom's 2014 Group Procurement of Broadband CPE

    • 2014-09-03

    On August 13, the results of China Telecom's centralized purchase of broadband terminals in 2014 which has drawn wide industrial attention were unveiled. The group procurement involved over 6.5 million CPE units, covering a wide range of products such as PON gateway, copper gateway and single-port SFU. FiberHome is the winner with largest procurement share, and also the only vendor with a share of over 20 percent.
    With the development of broadband technology, China Telecom has been taking the lead in the country in "replacing copper cables with optical fiber cables" and accomplishing Fiber-to-The-Home (FTTH) coverage, providing users with quality family gateway terminals to access high-bandwidth family network. By late March 2013, China Telecom had owned over 31.1 million FTTH users and been able to provide 20M access to over 90 percent of urban family users in the south of China based on their demands.
    China Telecom's broadband construction amount in 2014 increased steadily, making the group procurement the fiercest competition attracting the greatest number of vendors ever. The comprehensive evaluation criterion covers commerce, technology, price and service. All items were scored fairly, impartially and strictly. Cost performance, product quality, service and brand recognition were most valued by China Telecom.
    By favorable brand image, tremendous technical strength, quality after-sales service and outstanding supply chain capacity, FiberHome stood out in the centralized purchase in the previous years, has served 30 provinces and owns commercial cases involving nearly 10 million terminals. FiberHome is the only vendor that has continuously and steadily elevated its rankings of centralized purchase and market share, with its terminal products improving constantly in the operator broadband terminal market. Coming out on top in China Telecom's group procurement shows the advantage of FiberHome’s terminal products in the operator market and the comprehensive strength of FiberHome brand.