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    FiberHome Appointed as Executive Secretary of the IEEE-SA Working Group

    • 2014-09-03

    A series of Ethernet standards developed by IEEE-SA has become the most widely used LAN standard of the world; it also endows IEEE-SA as one of the world's most famous standards organization. Based on Ethernet technology, EPON standards made by IEEE-SA has been widely used around the world. To further promote the application of optical  access network, this year IEEE-SA established P1904 Access Network  Working Group, studying a variety of EPON-based optical access network  architecture, including FTTH, FTTB mobile backhaul, focusing on the  study, management and operation of functions and protocols needed by  multi-service high-speed network from the perspective of system-level.

    P1904 Working Group held its first meeting in June this year, the working group identified its leadership positions, Dr. Zhou Zhen from FiberHome is appointed as Executive Secretary of the working group.

    The predecessor of P1904 working group is SIEPON Standards Working Group, FiberHome which is one of the founders for SIEPON standard, served as executive secretary of the working group. Due to the outstanding performance and contribution to the SIEPON standards, Chairman of the Working Group designated Dr. Zhou Zhen as the new Executive Secretary of the Working Group. SIEPON technical standards have been released in 2013; SIEPON testing standards will also be released this year. P1904 working group will be responsible for SIEPON standard version upgrades and maintenance work; it will also carry out a series of related standards development for the access network. At present the work for P1904.2-- the unified management channel standard has begun.