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    End-to-end delivery

    • 2015-11-16

    End-to-end delivery process: Wuhan Fiberhome Technical Services Company suit for customized from planning and design, transportation, customs clearance, site surveys, installation, optimization, operation and maintenance, and start hosting "one-stop" service to ensure the quality of the delivery process.

    Professional project managers: Wuhan Fiberhome Technical Services Company delivery with a skilled, trained and highly responsible PMP The project management team, good knowledge of local languages and culture, able to complete a variety of network deployment scenarios to ensure network quality run.

    EHS Management: Wuhan Fiberhome Technical Services Company deployed EHS Management, the establishment of a standardized quality management system, customer demand for the service goal, together with carriers to avoid compliance risks, and take on social responsibilities of business to carry out environmentally-friendly social responsibility, establish a good social image.

    Integrated management platform: Wuhan Fiberhome Technical Services Company against increasingly complex network structure and an increasingly expanding network coverage for the feedback and control of the project to establish a unified management platform, real-time site status and monitor the progress of all projects to ensure efficient network deployment.