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    Portfolio maintenance service

    • 2015-11-16

    Over life-cycle service help operators protect transition period of network security, in operators planning network evolution to equipment business provides of new solution programme during, relying on global of service resources, in in-depth to operators demand for feasibility analysis of based Shang, Wuhan war technical suit will for operations discuss body custom has competitiveness of extended maintenance solution programme, maximum meet customer demand, thereby extended has reached life cycle late of hardware and software products of maintenance time, continues to keep old products commercial value.

    For the protection of customer's equipment stable and efficient operation, improve customer maintenance technology, Wuhan war clothing for the operation and maintenance of the different needs of customers, the combination of different services, made up of different maintenance technologies service program, operation and maintenance of equipment to meet customer needs, helping our clients network remains stable operating condition and fully explore the potential network, bringing more benefits to customers.

    Finet-200 Product features:

    Gold medal service, customer demand as the direction, for different maintenance needs, the combination of different projects, effective protection of online equipment stable, safe operation. Has a good system of management and staff training, and through "mentoring program" to improve its own staff skill levels and global service center 7x24 hour hotline service for you.

    Finet-200 Application examples:

    Applied at the national level, national secondary route of route, local networks, international projects. According to statistics, after sign repair and maintenance services of equipment failure rate dropped 50%, the fault processing time reduced 70%, effectively protect the stable operation of the equipment, maintain efficiency and economic returns has improved significantly.