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    Service enhancement courses

    • 2015-11-17

    Value-added service occur every stage of enterprise development, even every aspect of the business management process, which is an important management to assist enterprises ' growth. Venture capital firm a wide range of value-added services, including management consulting, strategic planning services, marketing services, technology research and development consultancy services, financial advisory services, legal services, capital market services, same as policy advisory services.

      1. Management consultancy services to help improve corporate governance organization

    Majorly help enterprises to establish modern enterprise system, including the formation of the Board, improving the corporate governance structure, assist enterprises to recruit senior management personnel, establish and strengthen management teams; help companies to establish internal management system and perfect management system.

      2.The development of strategic planning service clear enterprises ' management strategy

    Mainly help enterprises to clear strategic directions, assist enterprises to develop medium-and long-term development plans, establish enterprise's development goals, seek and identify strategic partners, in order to help enterprises to cultivate the core competitiveness of enterprises.

      3. Marketing guide services

    Majorly help enterprises to develop marketing strategies, market segmentation strategies, help enterprises to develop new markets, actively look for business partner; assist in business planning, market layout, marketing strategy, marketing plan, in order to consummate marketing system.

      4. The technical research and development consultancy services

    Mainly help enterprises to collect industry information, help enterprises to develop technology development strategy, help enterprises to build technology innovation cooperation, in order to make product development and innovation sustainable.

      5. Financial advisory services

    Primarily help enter prises to establish financial control system, help the enterprise to monitor finance, regularly review financial reports and liaise with banks and other financial institutions, in order to provide follow-up financial support for enterprises.

      6. Legal advisory services

    Mainly help enterprises to create internal legal framework, assist enterprises with intellectual property registration and trademark registration, help enterprises to establish intellectual property and trademark protective system.

      7. Capital market services

    Mainly help enterprises to consolidate resources, enhance value of enterprises, help enterprises to plan capital markets programme, recruit and select market agency, help enterprises to decide IPO Time and place, and so on.

      8. Policy advisory services

    To provide advisory services on policies, laws and regulations, graft with all kinds of resources and risk investment institutions, help start-ups in the prevention and treatment of various crises, in order to create good external environment for enterprises’ development.