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    Network and IT Integration management

    • 2015-11-17

    "We need to quickly develop new business, but usually it is difficult to implement. because it is applied new business systems, maybe it affect or even renew the old system, "--CIO How to do application integration of old and new systems and equipment?

    Facing new challenges, Wuhan Fiberhome Technical Services Company will help CIO Implement effective monitoring and management of enterprise systems with network and IT Integration management services solution.
    Comprehensive monitoring,unified management

    If the manager want to control the increasingly complex enterprise IT environment easily, they need a Universal console which be able to monitor manage and optimize the whole IT Infrastructure. It can manage mainframe, distributed systems and desktop system, and support heterogeneous application environment such as SAP, WebSphere, PeopleSoft and so on.

    Analysis of causes and active adjustments
    Once the administrator has received a fault notification from the help desk, he must find the root cause quickly and solve the problem as soon as possible. If there is no system tools which can comprehensive analysis of the system state ,it will cost a lot of time to find the cause of malfunction, therefore, analysing the root cause of malfunction is the essential functions in IT infrastructure and application management.
    Based on the architecture and application management, we can't just stop at passive treatment, should take the initiative to find problems, automatic adjustment, solve the problem before the malfunction affecting critical business, eliminate the malfunction and accidents in the bud, like this we can guarantee the quality of service.

    In-depth analysis, planning for the future
    Just keeping the usability of application and system is far from enough, the enterprise business challenges requires IT System must be able to run efficiently, to ensure that the entire business productivity and business running smoothly. Through analyzing the historical data and real-time data in the whole enterprise system, IT staff can optimize system performance, meanwhile take advantage of system resource efficiently. Use service level analysis, administrators can also predict the future infrastructure and application response speed, to help us determine the next step IT construction plans.

    Cases: integrate business, management tools display its talent

    A large institutional investors is increasing new business by acquisition and merger to achieve business growth and Strategic development. However, integrating of these disparate IT systems and thousands of new employees, become the most headache problem of IT sector.
    The biggest challenge for administrators is that they don't know the influence which the change of IT System performance and availability have on upper services, and vice versa. When problems arise, they can’t immediately know which factors are affected, and the process to find the reason will take a lot of time.
    BMC Service Impact Manager (Service impact management), business processes and support the investment institutions match their technical facilities one by one. Then, through the administration tool, administrators are able to analyze multi-layer causes – from a single IT elements to actual operational service. If any level of status changes, the administrator will receive the alarm at the same time, measures to fix the bug immediately started.
    Effective management and interconnected infrastructure is the prerequisite to achieve the combination of IT and business.