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    Overall operation and maintenance management

    • 2015-11-17

    With the expansion of the network, maintenance staff's workload increasing, leading to some maintenance work’s actual effect is not very good, granularity of maintenance work is not enough. There are some issues exist on maintenance work:

    Ø Lack of necessary IT System support, a lot of maintenance work still needs to be done manually.

    Ø Lack of effective means to analyze comprehensively on the quality of network operation, it is a" Fire-fighting " Maintenance.

    Ø Lack of strong safeguards on high-level and high speed services, differentiated services never implemented.

    Based on current Maintenance work condition, we need to simplify maintenance operation, improve maintenance efficiency urgently, and requires the appropriate tools of clear failure causes. Wuhan Fiberhome Technical Services Company provide the overall operation and maintenance management solutions to conduct early warning before the failure occurred, can handle timely when the malfunction occurs, can analyze the whole network health condition,and provide periodic chart to users.