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    Business management ( Figon - 200 )

    • 2015-11-17

    The global telecommunications industry grows steadily, deepening structural changes in the business. Global broadband wave rapidly advancing to vigorously implement the strategic restructuring of enterprises, optimize the allocation of resources, and actively carry out construction of broadband networks and business innovation, broadband in China in a short time become the world's largest operator of broadband networks will be following up the objectives pursued.

    Wuhan Fiberhome Technical Services Company business quality management solutions will help operators increase in broadband subscribers, in its entirety IPT V Scale, triple play and broadband speed, mobile Internet, networking, cloud computing and other areas to develop, assist the operators to meet the network load, network security, network architecture, service support, faces challenges.

    Customer needs and challenges:

    Network infrastructure optimization, network security upgrade

    Version, configuration optimization

    Prevent loopback, anti- DOS Attack

    Network delay, reduce the traffic overload relief

    Broadband speed, business QOS Protection

    Anti-virus, anti-lightning

    Figon-200 Application solution:

    Maximum use of business resources

    Network resources integration

    Optimization of network management and security management

    Optimization of operation environment

    Network healing and protection evaluation

    Spares optimization

    Optimization of operation environment

    Figon-200 Evaluation and optimization efficiency:

    PON Structural topology optimization of resource utilization and develop programmes can access equipment loads effectively divided, reducing network load and effective networking complexity of simplifying network, reducing the operator's maintenance costs.

    Network optimization PON Optimized scheme of business hosting network offers a full range of protection, effectively increases the level of network security, enhance security of network operations.

    Network optimization to evaluate network performance and network structure, and combined with network-hosted business development, formulation optimization and implementation of network-networking and more affordable business hosting.