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    Network intelligent protection ( Figon – 300 )

    • 2015-11-17

    Wuhan Fiberhome Technical Services Company network intelligence security services network disaster put forward solutions, professional network disaster recovery, business series problem with disabilities, respond effectively to a variety of contingencies, safeguard Web security and stability.

    Network management system of security challenges:

    Network expansion, network management systems and network data expansion, network management data and system security, there is a huge risk

    Using the traditional manual methods for data backup

    Network management data storage is not safe

    All network management programs are concentrated into a single server

    Complex network management system for disaster recovery, recovery time is long

    Network management maintains the hardware using replication method

    The lack of system-level protection, do not guarantee the continuous monitoring of the network, there is a huge security risk

    Figon-310 Network disaster recovery solution

    Wuhan Fiberhome Technical Services Company network disaster recovery solution for all critical data and applications can be secured, with rapid, reliable recovery, not only a comprehensive solution based on disk, Microsoft Windows The problems of restoring the operating system, and provides the user with a creative technology and hardware to help them achieve is completely unrelated to the bare metal recovery. Disaster recovery systems for critical database data can be achieved with effective protection, network configuration data for key to realize time-based and event-based automated backup, allowing users to network truly 7*24 hours of uninterrupted monitoring.

    Figon-310 Solution features:

    Critical data is based on the time coordinate and event-based automated backup

    Critical data is stored with high reliability

    Online real-time disaster recovery, networking 7*24 Hours of uninterrupted monitoring

    Disaster defense capability, faster disaster recovery

    Good scalability

    Figon-320 ( network monitoring and operations management solutions )

    Network monitoring and operations management challenges:

    Network size and network devices at the operational level, as a whole, but network management is decentralized

    Network monitoring and lack of protection, there is a performance bottleneck, the line after breaking device loses control

    Service configuration using a single network element crossing way, configure complex, slow, and did not fit the current operators of business development

    Business resources, huge number of circuit currently using artificial means, is timely and inaccurate

    After failure, you need to look it up straight circuit details in order to be an effective solution

    Figon-320 Network monitoring and operations management solutions

    The operator network constantly expanding the plant and the growing business volume, calls for webmaster to centralize configuration management. Wuhan fiberhome technologies serving S-EMS large-capacity network management and network optimization solutions become available, centralized management requirements of an effective solution to the operator, for centralized management and maintenance of network equipment, equipment monitoring multi-routing protection improves the reliability of network monitoring and improves fault response time, efficient and safe operations configuration management capabilities.

    Figon-320 Product features:

    Centralized monitoring and management

    Efficient network management processing and response

    Multi-routing equipment monitoring and protection

    Fast end-to-end operational configuration

    Configure security conflict prevention operations

    Rich resource of circuit statistics

    Fast circuit resource query

    Convenient adjustment circuit