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    Spare parts management services

    • 2015-11-17

    Wuhan Fiberhome Technical Services Company spare parts management solutions focused on the continuous development of the network of services, control costs, improve utilization of spare parts and to improve network reliability, ability to avoid risk is an inevitable trend, provides options to enable operators to maximize cost containment, while meeting quality requirements for the development of the network, is the design of spare parts management services solution in the first place.

    Finet-400 Product features:

    Simplify management, to spare parts "zero inventory"

    Yearly fee, settlement funding short-term pressure

    Replacement service interface too single, regardless of it sometimes

    Outward movement of inventory management, operational security risk management

    11 International regional centre for spare parts, covering the whole country and all five continents 68 Spare parts for major construction seamless coverage

    Finet-400 Application scenario:

    Spare parts do not meet network requirements of optical communication network

    Spare parts management complex and onerous for optical communication networks

    The importance of strong, spare parts needs to be strengthened to secure optical communications networks