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    Mobile and fixed network integration management services

    • 2015-11-18

    Fixed-network and mobile network convergence is inevitable and long-term trends of communication network development, existing networks moves toward a converged network-wide can be divided into three stages: the business layer integration phase, based on existing network Pre-IMS Stages, the full integration of IMS Stage. From the perspective of existing network, softswitch architecture due to the fixed network intelligentization after the fixed-line network with strong network service triggering capabilities, convergence of fixed-line and mobile services has laid a good network infrastructure. From the other hand because CDMA mobile intelligent network WIN agreement does not have multiple service triggering capability and some of its own inherent weaknesses, needs fixed networks in order to achieve a flexible networking. Wuhan Fiberhome Technical Services Company service integration between mobile and fixed network managed services solutions based on the business layer integration not change fixed network architecture of mobile networks, make full use of existing capacities in a carrier operating two networks real advantage to achieve the full portfolio of business operations, provide the terminal users a more humanized, more convenient, more flexible convergence solutions.